Celebrating Freedom

It’s sometimes hard to process what it really means to be an American. But recent news of the riots in Iran, and Iraqi security forces taking back control of their own country has me thinking about how grateful I am that I don’t have to worry about much more serious than which plumber to call to clear the basement drain.

On this night millions of Americans will be enjoying fireworks with cold beverages and grilled meats. I’m one of few people who don’t really like fireworks, and just yesterday I understood why. Fireworks are a celebration of war – they historically have been used to represent that action of battle, cannon explosions and so forth. And while I’m grateful that our forepeople fought for the U.S. to be an independent nation where “all men are equal” (I’m going to keep that statement at that – I don’t mean for this to become political, even though there is so much I’m not saying that I should), I don’t like the idea of celebrating a world that is so systemically broken that people have to die to gain freedom.

On the other hand… I do appreciate my freedom to eat grilled meats, drink some frozen beverages and eat some pie with some fun friends! So, Happy Independence Day, y’all, fireworks or not!


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