Cruising the Loess Hills

This morning the Mister and I hopped onto his motorcycle and headed for the Loess Hills Scenic Byway in western Iowa. I’m new to the motorcycle-riding thing, and so didn’t feel comfortable shooting my own photos at 60 mph. But what a beautiful drive! Everything is so lush and green right now, fields of new crops to the left, windblown bluffs to the right. Railroad bridges, small towns, rolling hills… so lovely. THIS is America, you know?

I was so happy to discover Hitchcock Nature Center, where I got in my first North American hike of 2009. It reminded me so much of home, the woods behind my parents’ house. Tall trees, wild raspberry bushes… so much like I remember.

The trip made me think about how lucky we are to have all of this – and how much we owe to the people who have sacrificed so much to make sure that we do.

I hope that this Memorial Day brought you a chance to enjoy something meaningful!

[image source]

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