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Mixed Media ~ May ~


The Sun Also Rises

On my flight home from Phoenix I read The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. (One of the classics I hunted down at the library). There’s something about these books from the Lost Generation that really appeals to me. I sometimes think that if I had a past life, it was as a young party girl who died in a car crash in the 1920s. I love me some F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I absolutely loved Hemingway’s first novel.



Man On Wire – a documentary about French tight rope walker Phillippe Petit. Beautifully done, and quite interesting.

Sunshine Cleaning – certainly offbeat. It made me quite grateful for what I do have.

The Duchess – I love a well-costumed, dramatic period piece. Not exactly uplifting, but a great story of love, friendship and some harsh realities.


3 rounds and a sound

I caught wind of Blind Pilot via one of NPR’s SxSW follow-up pieces. It was enough that I loved their sound, but the fact that they’ve done a tour on bicycle convinced me to run out to find 3 Rounds and a Sound. Chill, lovely. Check it out.


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