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Welcome to the Pita Jungle

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

I met up with my best friends from high school in Phoenix this past weekend. It was enough to relax, catch up, spill our guts on everything that we don’t know if we can tell other people who we don’t know as well, and hang at the pool. But being taken to Pita Jungle really put the icing on the cake.

I couldn’t tell you where it is. All of Phoenix was to me a high-walled highway. But there was a quaint little man-made lake filled with mallards and a nice breeze, wherever that was. There was a great artsy vibe to the place, and all of the waiters were cute hippie boys. Jazz played over the speakers, everyone there was relaxed, and everything on the menu looked absolutely delicious. We knocked out some cilantro jalapeno hummus (yum) and then attempted to tackle some of the largest salads I have ever seen. My mediterranean chicken salad was perfect for the day – broiled chicken, tabouleh, roasted red peppers, corn, cucumbers, pine nuts, feta, onion  (yum). I handled maybe 1/3 of it – could have split.

It was the perfect speed (and price) for some girls who never shook their hippie days. AND they serve meat and beer and wine. Everyone’s a winner!


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