Go Green Smart

My Mister and I did some shopping on Easter Sunday at Wal-Mart (because Target was closed). And I was thoroughly amused at the checkout when the cashier asked if we were going green because of some of our (normal for us, mind you) purchases.

Given the popularity of the “green” movement, I thought this article about 8 Green Myths at Earth911 is a must-read for anyone trying to make an effort to green up their act. Just because the label says it’s green – or organic – doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for the environment. And for anyone wondering if there are ways to make a little bit of a difference, it’s a good guide for easy ways to get started. My favorite busted myth is that “If I can’t do it all, I might as well do nothing.” If every American recycled just one more aluminum can, that’s 305 million cans NOT headed for the landfill. Might be worth it, huh?

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