OMG Matzo

As I cooked matzo ball soup from a box for lunch, I felt regret that I did not cook matzo ball soup from scratch. Thoughts of baking came and went – no kosher for Passover baking supplies in the house. Then I settled into catching up on my favorite blogs instead. I lasted about 2 posts, until I discovered this post at Smitten Kitchen. Chocloate Caramel Crack(ers) made with matzo? Hallelujah! And thus arrived the answer to my questions of 1) will we eat all of the matzo before this is over? 2) how am I going to use up those chocolate chips in the pantry? 3) what am I going to do with that unsalted butter? and 4) how am I going to combat these cravings for cake? The best part: I had everything I needed. A true miracle – I’m hardly equipped for impromptu baking, Passover or not.

The recipe is really easy – go here to see it. I tried toasted coconut in lieu of another type of nut; we’ll see how it goes! I’m trying to be patient and really allow it to cool before pigging out.

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