In Omaha

Around the House: Snowy Day

It’s snowing the kind of snow that sticks to the sides of trees and buildings in clumps. And so I’m not leaving until my dinner party. To pass the time, I asked my husband to remind me how to use the Nikon FE we have had for 4 months; this would be my first time shooting with a film SLR camera. It didn’t take long to figure out how much fun it was, and I was set on completing the whole roll of film today, without leaving the house. Luckily, he WAS planning to leave the house, and he got my photos developed for me! Here are some that I really like:

My dad sent me this letter earlier this year: it was sent to him by his great-grandparents (I think I have that right) in 1969.

I love my cookbooks!

My grandparents gave us this vintage tumbler set for our wedding. I had my eye on it for years – but I’m too afraid of ruining them to use them!


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