Dining with the Stars

At a friend’s birthday dinner last night, the question of Who might you pay to have lunch with? came up. We’re not talking about picking up the tab; rather paying a mass sum of money for the privilege of having lunch with someone famous.

I’m not much of a swooning stargazer, so I had a hard time coming up with who that might be. We all agreed lunch with Michelle Obama would make the list. (I suppose lunch with the President would also be quite exciting…) And then I’ve mulled over the thought since. Certainly someone obvious will pop into mind later today, but here are just a few people I think would make for an interesting lunch date:

I realize the problem I’m having with this excercise is this: if I had thousands of dollars to spend on one lunch, I would rather fly in my friends from across the country than drop a chunk of change on a carefully crafted celebrity persona.

[image by lhabbmar2008 at flickr]


2 thoughts on “Dining with the Stars

  1. Colbert and Lebowitz would definitely be my top two, too…followed by Matt Lauer (I’ve had a crush on him since high school) and Billy Joel.

  2. Yesterday I had an “Oh my God, I can’t believe I forgot Tina Fey!” moment. A friend at dinner picked Matt Lauer, too.

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