Weekend Recluse

Breakfast in Bed

My Saturday recovery started nicely with an egg and cheese onion bagel sandwich and a giant coffee from Breuggers, delivered to me in bed by the Best Husband Ever. And from there I decided to set just three goals for myself for the rest of the weekend:

  1. Get rid of the headache
  2. Get to the library
  3. Make dinner one time

Goals 2 and 3 required leaving the house, unfortunately requiring a venture into the snow. But I’ve been meaning to pick up a field guide of Central American birds for a month now, and we really didn’t have much worth cooking.

Field Guide Plate 40

There was just one field guide to birds of Mexico & Central America in all of the Omaha Public Library system. And wouldn’t it be that 2 plates are missing from the book, including the plate of all of the toucans and the one that probably includes the black birds in this shot that I really want to put a name to.

3 birds


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