Costa Rica: Day ?… before it fades

There is so much more amazing-ness in the last few days of our trip that I haven’t yet shared. I fear I will never do them justice. Click through to see just a few notes that I feel should be left behind for posterity’s sake.

This rock slide down Arenal Volcano allegedly doesn’t happen very often.

The views from the Hanging Bridges were amazing.

The trail to Cerro Chato was steep and squishy and long… and the remarkable view of the blue lake in its crater was obstructed by fog the morning we ventured to it.

We walked through a farm to and from the Cerro Chato trail.

The birds are amazing. We spotted a toucan in the sky while on a trail, but couldn’t get close enough to snap a photo. So sad!

There are so many photos of the volcano, particularly from the “new” lava trail created by an eruption in 1992. But they all have a spec of dust in the clouds. One day I will get my hands on Photoshop and take care of that… it will be a nice treat some day!

Until then…

We did get to see the Teatro Nacional in San Jose, after taking a few hours to navigate the infuriating one-way, unmarked streets in an attempt to find Hotel Presidente.

We also visited the Museuo de Oro Precolumbiano (Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold). It’s an interesting underground museum showcasing the evolution of decorative gold items created and worn by indigenous Costa Rican peoples. Lots of frogs & monkeys.

And then we quite literally found our way to the recommended Cafe Mundo for a very nice dinner with a liter of wine. Just hours later, we got up in time to return our rental car in time to arrive at the airport at 5:30 am.

So… that was the trip! I shall dream of it tonight.

See more pictures from the trip here.

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