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Mixed Media ~ Jan/Feb ~

Today I decided that every month or so, I should share the variety of books, music, movies, magazines, whatever that I’m into for the moment. And so I bring you my first ever Mixed Media post, featuring the media that’s making me swoon in these bitter winter months.


I can’t take Andrew Bird’s latest album Noble Beast out of my car. The early tracks are such a delightful way to start a day (or to blow past West O-bound rush hour traffic with), and I’m kind of liking how some of the other tracks feel a bit familiar. It’s one of those albums that would feel at home on vinyl… for a very long time. Today I realized that a couple of the last tracks make me think of Beck’s Mutations, and Not A Robot, But a Ghost, a bit of Radiohead. I totally dig it. Which is good, because it’s totally in my head.


Talk about coming late to the party! I bought my first Domino home style magazine 2.5 weeks ago at an airport and fell in love. I totally regret not jumping on that bandwagon before it derailed. Sniffle! This March issue is its last.


I was trying to not bring a giant book with me on vacation, but something told me this book would be worth it. The Story of Edger Sawtelle by David Wroblewski was a perfect vacation read – I had all of the time in the world to devote to finding out what happened in the end. Wroblewski is a marvelous storyteller, and manages to give (me, at least) hope that there is still good in the world.

[Image by Tony Cenicola for the New York Times. Source.]


I’m totally behind on my Oscar movies. Now, I did love Slumdog Millionaire. However, I found Milk to be a totally compelling case for extending civil rights to all humans, regardless of sexual orientation, race or beliefs. Not that I needed convincing. Go and see.


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