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My Places Love List

What a perfect assignment from Operation Nice: Make a list of the places you love. I love places! Here goes…

  • Under the shade of a tree, drinking coffee, with nowhere to rush off to.
  • The Omaha Farmer’s Market at 8 am on a sunny day.
  • Granny & Gramps’s garden, particularly to pick something fresh.
  • Grandma’s back porch, having a chat.
  • At my parents’ house, remembering everything and everyone.
  • Rethymno, Crete, Greece, thinking about how wonderful it might be to disappear to there.
  • Arenal Observatory Lodge, sipping some suds on the porch, soaking up the silence and volcano pops.
  • Austin, Texas, eating some fantastic Tex-Mex and hanging with great folks.
  • Beneath the wide open blue sky.
  • The Louvre in Paris – I must go back!
  • On the trail with J.
  • Behind the camera.
  • In the sunshine, with a breeze, smiles & good company.

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