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Grow Local Propaganda

I love all things promoting Locavoreness – buy local, eat local, grow local, yada yada yada. Especially very cool screen print  posters doing just that. ReadyMade has posted free downloads of some artist reinterpretations of the “populist posters of the first Great Depression.” And, PJ, I appreciate that you thought of me when you saw this poster by Christopher Silas Neil. I l-o-v-e it!

I like to think I do my part by shopping the Farmer’s Market in the summer and buying meat and cheese from the Nebraska Food Co-op year round (when I remember to place my order), but because it has been so easy and rewarding so far I feel like I can step it up a notch. So here are a couple of my ideas for doing more in ’09:

  • Eat at local restaurants at least 90% of the time (sometimes you gotta have a giant burrito, yo! 100% in 2010?)
  • Plan my meals for an upcoming week before going to the Farmer’s Market, and use everything I get
  • Learn how to can and freeze fruits and veggies so that I can stock up when they’re in season
  • Find ways to better preserve greens and herbs
  • Grow lots of herbs, and maybe a pepper or tomato plant
  • Get a small deep freezer for more free range, grass fed local meats from the Co-op
  • Get all of my coffee beans from Blue Line (not that the coffee is local, but I’ll support my free-trade organic supplier)

Too much? What do you think?

PS – On his website, Mr. Neal claims that he wants these posters to show up all over town, in restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores & farmer’s markets, with resources for how to eat local imprinted on the bottom. And that’s why he’s offering this free PDF download. So please, go forth and duplicate!


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