Costa Rica: Day 8 – Canopy Tour

An exhilirating way to enjoy the awesomeness of Costa Rica is a Canopy Tour. The one we took  – Witch’s Rock Canopy Tour – was a series of zip lines, ladders, trails and hanging bridges way high up in the tops of the trees. While we didn’t get to see Witch’s Rock, it was still amazing.

Witch's Rock Canopy Tour Map

I psyched myself up for the trip by remembering how much fun I had at the ropes course I went to for Girl Scouts (somewhere in Indiana, mind you). But the second I was supposed to be hooked onto the line, my knees turned wobbly and my heart started racing. (What if I got stuck out there?) That feeling totally disappeared as I flew through the trees, over the gorge, past the monkeys and until I got to the next platform. Our guides, Luis and (I can’t remember!), were super-cool and made us feel like we were actually pretty good at this zip-lining thing. Until they zipped down the lines upside down or spinning around… but what a life that would be, hanging out in the forest to push tourists from platform to platform.

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