Restaurant Catch Up

Before the new weekend arrives, I feel like I should share my new restaurant experiences from last weekend. Though with the threat of a snow storm and my plan to make steak au poivre for our Fancy At Home Valentine’s Day Feast, I probably won’t rack up any new restaurants this weekend.

Jimi D’s Food & Spirits

This self-proclaimed family restaurant is a convenient mile-or-so from our house, so it had that going for it from the start. And any family restaurant that includes a giant bar and a shuffle board table (remember how I love a shuffleboard table) gets a preliminary thumbs up in my book. The space felt a bit confused, perhaps because it was a Friday night. There were some loud groups around the bar, and some bar music was rocking over the speakers, but the dining area seemed warm and modern but unfussy. Several families with children were there among the tealights.

I ordered a coconut chicken salad, which was a perfect reminder of our trip with a few fried plantains.  And it was pretty tasty.  Service was good, prices were reasonable, and there was enough variety on the menu to convince me to go back. (If you love pancetta, this might be your place.)

Guaca Maya

Though Saturday’s friend date to Guaca Maya was our first trip, it’s apparently a south Omaha classic. Walking into this giant stand-alone building transported me back to San Antonio, with the tile fountain and colorful flags. Unfortunately we ate and left before the band took the stage in front of a sizable dance floor. It definitely is a popular place.

Their specialty is Mexican seafood, but I have a horrible habit of ordering enchiladas as a measuring stick of Mexican restaurant return-worthiness. The problem with that is that it’s pretty hard to mess up an enchilada, and if it’s not a green chicken enchilada, I’m not going to go nuts for it. That said, their salsa had a little heat to it and the enchilada was, in fact, good. Margaritas: 2 thumbs up (1 for taste, 1 for being served in a mug). It’s a fun place to go with a group of friends for a celebration, particularly if you aren’t going to sweat the service.


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