Costa Rica: Day 1 – The Rest of the Story

Whilst “finding” (quite literally) our way to the coffee plantation and back to Hwy 1, and whilst gripping the door handles as we careened along the Pan-American Highway, we two gringos clearly recognized that the King of Beers of Costa Rica title is being duked out between Pilsen and Imperial.

We vowed that our task upon finding our villa in Playa Hermosa (something of an X on the treasure map) would be a Pilsen v. Imperial Taste Showdown.

It took one swig of each for me to understand why Imperial is called La Cerveza de Costa Rica (and Pilsen just Cerveza). While I don’t drink much beer that’s Imperial-style these days, I haven’t consumed Pilsen-style beer since P. Lightbody’s C of C corner store/dorm room smuggling days. And so our vacation began, with some cervezas, sunshine, and our very own plunging pool.

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