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Costa Rica: Monkey Vote!

Longing Monkey

I’m exhausted and my computer’s running out of juice and reruns of The Office are about to be on TBS and I killed most of my Mac time uploading more photos. So, we’ll get to the last half of day 1 later.

In the mean time, help me pick out my best spider monkey shot! While hiking at Barra Honda (so much more on this later), I experienced my first real monkey spotting (which I would soon discover wasn’t so hard, as there were about 7 of them hanging out together in the trees right along the trail). Check out some of my other shots after the jump, and let me know which is your favorite! I just might pick you to have your very own print.

Monkey Monkey
Chunk Monkey
Chunky Monkey
Grumpy Monkey
Grumpy Monkey
Spunky Monkey
Spunky Monkey

So, which is your favorite? Post a comment with your vote!

  1. Longing Monkey
  2. Monkey Monkey
  3. Chunky Monkey
  4. Grumpy Monkey
  5. Spunky Monkey

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Monkey Vote!

  1. cool pics! i’m going with Longing Monkey. Lighting is better than others, and she’s got that far-away look in her eyes.


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