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Costa Rica Sweet Things

For the past two weeks I have been on a wonderful vacation with my wonderful husband in wonderful Costa Rica. It was a rich journey, full of new sights and sounds and plenty of adventure. There is so much to tell, and I plan to share it here (probably for many days).

The best part of unpacking all of our stinky laundry is rediscovering some of the goodies we picked up on our trip. Two in particular make me smile –

Freddy Arcuna carving

This mythical creature of Freddie Arcuna’s imagination (check out his fun video Freddy and the Volcano). Freddie has a roadside stand near the entrance to Arenal National Park. It’s hard to miss his colorfully painted hand carved masks and figurines as you’re crawling down the horribly pot-holed road!

Costa Rica sugar

These adorable sugar packets. I don’t use much sugar, or else I would have purchased a giant bag of them at the Lucky Bug Gallery behind Lake Arenal. I can’t help but think of an old friend who collected sugar packets in high school. These are the best!

I will add photos to my Costa Rica set on Flickr as I manage to sort through them (and deal with the infuriating dust spec on our sensor that shows up in the steam and clouds in all of my volcano shots!), but I’ll post my favorites here as I tell our story. Subscribe to my RSS feed using the icon to the right to receive my new posts in your reader!


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