Etsy Local: Neighbor

To put me in a better space this morning, I did a Local Etsy search to see what creative juices are flowing out there. Most of the first and second pages of results didn’t really appeal to me (i.e. crochet doll toaster covers), but a brightly stamped toaster on a notecard caught my eye. I headed to tommymama’s shop and was delighted to see this Neighbor print, which I have seen posted at the Blue Line coffee shop for years (or at least it seems). It’s a fitting statement in this day, when we all work really hard to keep to ourselves. Even more fitting is that I’ve recently vowed to do a better job of reaching out to my neighbors (which I’ve started to do thanks to Facebook). Also check out Consume Earth – it speaks to the self-loathing part of my subconscious.

(image source)


One thought on “Etsy Local: Neighbor

  1. I found your blog while searching the ol’web. I wanted to thank you for posting my work, I appreciate your interest. Yes, that is me at the Blue Line, wow, what a small world. Thanks again. T Mama

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