Like the day your cat “ran away”

The Day My Sister's Cat Ran Away
The Day My Sister's Cat Ran Away

An open letter to my sister.

Dear Jessie Sue,

Today a friend at work and I were talking about how we are the last of American Children Who Grew Up Knowing What Life Was Like Before the Internet, but at least we know how to use it. And we laughed about the times we would sabotage our sisters’ attempts to dial into AOL to chat or ICQ or whatever, picking up and hanging up the phone and what not. What do kids fight about these days, I wonder?

Well, then I got your email about how crappy today is (or at least I’m assuming that’s what you were getting at). And it made me think of this wonderful picture that we were talking about over Thanksgiving. I don’t even remember your cat’s name – Rocky? – but I remember that’s why you look so sad. But you’re still rocking the newspaper hat, yo! And you know what? The next day was better and life got better and now it’s just a spec in our memory because of this hilarious photo.

So, I guess the moral is make yourself a newspaper hat, have someone take a picture of it, and tomorrow will be better.

Better yet, everyone make a newspaper hat, take a photo, and post it here or something. Yay!


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