How to Raise a Jewish Dog

Among the fantastic holdiay gifts I’ve received is the hilarious book “How to Raise a Jewish Dog” by “The Rabbis of Boca Raton Theological Seminary as told to Ellis Weiner & Barbara Davilman.” It’s particularly hilarious if a) you’re Jewish and b) you have a dog that rules your life, is decidedly (by you) the cutest dog in the world, and is beyond the first stages of housebreaking. Plus, it’s the perfect read to get you from Minneapolis to Des Moines.

The book defines a Jewish dog as a dog that has the following traits that ordinary dogs don’t have: “an exaggerated sense of his own wonderfulness, an exaggerated sense of his own shortcomings, and an extremely close relationship with his master.” [Ahem, Plato.] And it continues to “objectively” evaluate the dog-master relationship that results in the creation of a Jewish dog, including the ways a Jewish dog experiences differently feeding, exercising, and travel. All hilarious.

My friends who are owners of Jewish dogs can relate, and know who they are, and should be expecting to have this book forced upon them by me in the near future. (Mrs. Weinstein, you know I thought of you when I saw a dog with a bagel in it’s mouth on the cover!)


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